Words Matter

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When I was a little girl, I loved to hear Dad share his Amazon adventures. He was part of an oil-prospecting team in the 1940’s. The oil company sent men to live among hostile headhunters for six-months—Dad stayed for two years.

“It was beautiful,” he began. “I saw a black orchid—magnificent. The Boa snakes, Piranhas, and Malaria, made the adventure dangerous, but it was beautiful.”

I snuggled close to my dad until I could smell his Old Spice cologne, and then I whispered with excitement, “Tell me more.”

My dad wasn’t big and tough. In fact, he was small in stature, barely five feet tall; yet, height didn’t stop him from flying airplanes or pursuing my mother—six inches taller.



When we consider the art of communication, we often take our daily conversations for granted. Words influence change.

Our words can affect or reinforce a belief in a negative or positive way. We can change our beliefs, and influence the opinions of others, by the words we choose.

I was fortunate to have a father that repelled negative words. He was optimistic. Although, he’s no longer with me, his favorite quotes and encouraging words linger in my heart.

“You can learn to do anything.”

“There are different ways to crack a nut.”

“I believe in you.”

When life’s winds of resistance try to overwhelm me, I find the courage to move forward because Dad’s words planted positive changes in me.



When Jesus was on earth, he used words to influence and alter the course of humanity. Every word Jesus spoke mattered. He asked questions; He told stories, but He had an intentional message of hope.

What’s your message? If you had one message to share by midnight tonight, what would it be? What truth would you pass on that needs to linger to equip others? Once you discover that message, you must do three things.

Nurture your message

  • Discover how it shaped you.
  • Find scriptures for understanding.
  • Journal stories that offer clarity.
  • Let it grow and mature.

Guard your message

  • Believe in your message.
  • Live your message.
  • Protect against naysayers.
  • Submit your message to God.

Contend for your message

  • Eliminate excuses.
  • Persevere and never give up.
  • Pray for opportunities to share your message.
  • Renounce insecurities and fear.



As a member of the Body of Christ, we weave a portion of God’s Divine tapestry. We are part of God’s eternal plan, but with each thread, the gap between who we are, and who we’re becoming in Christ, becomes apparent.

God wants to reveal the beauty of His creation—you. He will introduce you to the transforming vessel that no longer hides in the shadows. He will awaken your brave and help you communicate a message of hope in your daily conversations.

Dad communicated optimism even when dementia began to rob his mind. The illness eventually took his life, but Dad’s words continue to live in my heart.

How will you use your words? Whom will you influence?


Marisa Shadrick

In memory of my loving father: Luis A. Coba, 11/27/21–02/10/16

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