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Women of Faith

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Have you ever felt the tension of a disadvantage? Perhaps it’s a nagging thought that heckles your dreams and opportunities for success. Faith, however, is our spiritual advantage against disadvantages.


Life’s full of Disadvantages

For years, I believed my lack of a college degree was my disadvantage. Even though historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Walt Disney were successful without a degree, I felt I couldn’t pursue my dreams.

Sometimes, we stop dreaming because we choose to believe limitations more than possibilities. Even when God is leading, we wonder if we’re too young, too old, or too inept. But if God says we can, who are we to say we can’t? God will bless our step of faith.

Here are five amazing women of the Bible who faced disadvantages, but their faith gave them an incredible spiritual advantage.


Women of Faith

Rahab the ProstituteHebrews 11:31

She became a hero of faith when she helped the Israelites at Jericho.


Ruth the Widowed Moabite WomanMatthew 1:1-16

She married Boaz and their descendants included King David and Jesus the Messiah.


Esther the Orphaned Jewish GirlEsther 8:5-6

She became queen and saved the Jewish nation from destruction.


Mary Magdalene the Woman with Seven DemonsJohn 20:16-18

She was the first to see our risen King, Jesus Christ.


Elizabeth Who was Old and ChildlessLuke 1:57-66

She gave birth to a son who grew in faith and became John the Baptist.


Faith Transforms Our Disadvantages

What made these women so special? Nothing. They were just like you and me, but they dared to activate their faith. Their belief in God became their spiritual advantage. God met them in the midst of disadvantages and used them for his glory.

It’s time to stop humanize God and limiting his power in our lives. Our future is part of his greater purpose, and he can use our imperfect lives for his glory. Yes, we may have disadvantages, but faith can become our spiritual advantage.

I never received a college degree, but faith in God gave me the courage to pursue my dreams. He can do the same for you. Don’t let momentary disadvantages keep you from taking a step of faith.

Together, let’s allow God to continue his work in us, and through us, for his Kingdom purposes.

Have a blessed week!

Marisa Shadrick

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