Women Need a Babe Cave

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WomanMen have a man cave; women need a babe cave.

Can Christian women have a babe cave? All of us need a physical place to unwind, including me. 

By the end of day, papers have multiplied across my desk, posted notes dangle from the computer monitor, and highlighted calendar dates remind me that I’m ready to head for the babe cave.

Although I treasure time with my family, there’s much to gain from solitude. When we physically place ourselves in a relaxing environment, we position our hearts for spiritual refreshing.It’s an agenda-free time to unpack my load, untangle my emotions, and surrender what doesn’t need ownership. 

Your babe cave can be your bedroom, a quiet patio, serene garden, or bubble bath. You can immediately transform the mood of your babe cave with a scented candle and let the sweet smell permeates your space while you lavish in aromatherapy. Add your favorite mood music or curl up with a good book for an instant getaway.

Sometimes we need a quiet distraction from ourselves. Although seeking a babe cave may sound silly, it may remind us to take time for ourselves. We can’t always attend a women’s retreat or take a trip, but we can go to our babe cave for a few minutes each day. Go ahead; enjoy some guilt-free rest.

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick

cardmaverick @ Crestock



Surrender what doesn’t need ownership. (Click to Tweet)

Men have a man cave; women need a babe cave. (Click to Tweet)

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