Who’s Leading Whom?

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Lead copyCharly is my eight-year old dog. We’ve been together since he was five weeks old, and I invested months of training. He’s a big boy and almost equals my weight. But despite his size, he’s easy to walk—well, until recently.

Bad weather interfered with our morning walks, but with spring’s warmer weather, we resumed our schedule. To my surprise, Charly’s behavior had changed. He led the walk with a taut leash and lunged at distractions.  In fact, I almost tripped over him when he was provoked by a squirrel. Somehow, Charly had forgotten I was the “Alpha” in this relationship. With a few corrections and treats, we were back on track. The experience reminded me of my spiritual walk.      

Sometimes I forget I serve the Alpha and Omega. Instead of surrendering my heart to God, I try to lead. Instead of staying focused on Him, I lunge at life’s distractions. Instead of repenting, I trip over my spiritual mistakes. And instead of renewing my mind, I’m provoked by unhealthy emotions. God, however, corrects me and brings me back on track.  

Correction is not pleasant, but Charly’s behavior made me realize the power of love. To beat Charly, give him away, or leave him at home wasn’t an option. I was willing to work through his rebellion because I loved him. How much more does God love us? He will always help, forgive, teach and strengthen us. What a comfort to know we are unconditionally loved.   

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick



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