When God Scatters Your Ducks

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I hope you’ll indulge me as I share my recent slice of humble pie with levity. Sometimes it’s the only way to enjoy God’s merciful grace when it deals with correction.

No doubt you’ve heard the expression, “get your ducks in a row.” This idiom suggests thorough preparation, but in my case (as a recovering perfectionist) I take it to the next level…control. Yes…meet Mama Duck!

To pursue a writing career, you need to overcome many challenges. I embarked on various small projects that were manageable. This sounds reasonable so far, doesn’t it? But, God’s vision includes growth. He blesses us with opens doors and new opportunities to further His kingdom purposes. Suddenly, your pond is larger and your ducks are swimming out of sight.

Does God want his beloved overwhelmed or stressed over blessings? Of course not, God still provides daily manna. By this I mean, the life-giving provision God historically gave Israel as they traveled through the wilderness (Exodus 16). That’s why we pray, “Give us this day our daily bread” (KJV, Matthew 6:11). Spiritual manna, however, has an expiration date. It’s specially formulated for a single day.

This means, you can’t turn it into a method, hoard it, or ration the supply. In my case, it didn’t fit into an organizational chart, it left blanks in my editorial calendar and many, many, many questions remained unanswered. I found myself rationalizing my situation with God, “Are you sure you picked the right person? I can’t do this. I’m not equipped or experienced for this assignment.” 

With growth, God will scatter your ducks. New opportunities and responsibilities position us to live by faith or fail. As we surrender independence for dependence, it may feel uncomfortable, but fresh manna produces results beyond our strength. He’s our blessed assurance.

God’s gentle correction provided the manna I needed that day. Now, when I see a string of ducks swimming in a pond, I chuckle and remember…I’m not Mama Duck.  

Have a blessed weekend!

Marisa Shadrick



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