What Has God Done for You?

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Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition? Perhaps you decorate your Christmas tree, or plan a mini family reunion?

Around my house, the week before Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season. The tree goes up; cookies get baked, and forty-five days of Christmas music fills my home. We also watch corny Hallmark holiday movie. (Yes, I love them.)

Call me nosy, but I like to ask people what they’re thankful for.

Naturally, people are thankful for their faith, family, and friends. That’s on the top of my list, but I like to dig a little deeper. Often we overlook the subtle things that make each day unique.


3 Questions to ask this Thanksgiving

Here are three questions to consider this Thanksgiving season. Ask those around you to share their thoughts. You never know what they will say, and maybe you’ll learn something new about them.

  1. Most people undervalue the little things in life. What’s a daily enjoyment you look forward to each day?
  2. People often omit their talents and skills from the gratitude list, yet they’re gifts from God. What talent or skill are you thankful to have and share?
  3. None of us appreciate problems or struggles, but sometimes there’s an unexpected blessing. What difficulty have you overcome that has made you a better person?

One thing is for certain; Christ has raised us up for such a time as this. May we remember others as we remember God’s blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Marisa Shadrick

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