We Can’t Measure God’s Immeasurable Plan

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Have you found yourself overwhelmed as you live God’s assignment? Perhaps, you wonder if you misunderstood God’s direction, “Are you sure you’re talking to me, Lord?”

God gives us a unique plan that often exceeds our abilities. We feel like we’re wearing a garment meant for a spiritual giant. By earth’s standards, the idea doesn’t fit. We feel ill equipment, inexperienced, and inept. Our “big girl pants” are in desperate need of a tailor—so we think.

Grace Restores a “Jello” Spirit

As an aspiring writer and speaker, I’m faced with new opportunities. These open doors lead me to a threshold that requires a fresh touch of God’s supernatural strength.

A few weeks ago, my journal entry was a heart’s cry for Divine intervention. Let me share part of that entry. (I warn you, it’s not pretty.)

I am overwhelmed, Lord. I work hard, and I get nowhere. My goals are a painful reminder of failure, and I feel adrift. Maybe I need new habits. Maybe I need more of you. Am I still in Your will? Give me wisdom, Lord. Help me find my brave, so I can serve you better.

Yes, I have meltdown moments, but I don’t stay there—it’s too painful. That’s when I’m honest with myself, and I confess my weakness. Repentance precedes times of refreshing because grace will always restore a “jello” spirit. God gently reminds me life isn’t about what I’m getting done but rather what He’s getting done.

Rinse and Repeat

Every difficult challenge or good opportunity brings resistance and stress. Nothing comes without cost, but why would we offer God any less? It’s the endless struggle between flesh and spirit. When you feel you are in over your head (flesh), your unseen, eternal characteristic (spirit) cries to God with hunger pangs. God satisfies our hunger as His Spirit fills us and strengthens us.

Galatians 522–23 [widescreen]

The Fruit of Spirit provides power—supernatural power. Bravery isn’t in strength; it’s in our obedience to yield, and then, we receive God’s supernatural strength. The Fruit of the Spirit is our defense because there is more of God and less of us. But it’s a “rinse and repeat” process. We have to keep seeking. The Holy Spirit will help us exercise self-control when fearful thoughts (or whiny journal entries) try to sabotage God’s plan.

Toss the Measuring Stick

Life isn’t about what we’re getting done but rather what God is getting done in our hearts. We may feel fruitless in deeds, but we are fruitful in spirit. God has a unique assignment for us, but we can’t measure God’s immeasurable plan.  It’s not about or circumstances or abilities; it’s about our obedience.

Your Turn

What role has God asked you to play in His kingdom purpose? Own it, and share it in the comments below.


Marisa Shadrick

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  1. Nice post, Marisa. I’ve often thought how easy it is to feel we’re on our own to carry out whatever purpose God has assigned to us. That little bit of arrogance/pride can make us feel terribly inadequate – which we are in our own strength. Victory comes only when we recognize that it isn’t our plan, but HIS. And He has all we need to complete the task. Onward!

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