Interview with Ray Edwards

The Heart of a Resilient Online Entrepreneur: Interview with Ray Edwards

Do you want daily resilience as an online entrepreneur so you can share your best contribution to the world? My business mentor, Ray Edwards, is a successful online entrepreneur. Ray candidly speaks about his cycles of depression and living with the effects of Parkinson’s disease. Amid daunting circumstances, Ray chooses to find joy and continues to scale his business. As

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How to Quit Self-Sabotaging Yourself

Embrace Gratitude and Grace Too often many live with regrets, self-loathing, and unfulfillment. Maybe it’s not your circumstances. Maybe it’s time to just do the next right thing. Choose How You Will Respond Today! 1. Don’t focus on the past. 2. Don’t worry about tomorrow. 3. Choose today and do the next right thing. The Next Right Thing Will Build

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How to Clarify Your Niche

How to Clarify Your Niche

When small business owners spend time and money to market products and services, they expect results. But when it fails to bring the expected revenue, what next? Most overlook niche clarity that could lead them to their perfect (client) avatar. In this video, my friend, Lana Waters, explains how being close to your perfect avatar is not enough. She candidly

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Business startup

3 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a Business

There’s a myriad of business books, courses, and resources. Although I love books and I’ve invested in many online and offline courses, I value moments when I hear more than theory. I love to hear the hard stories that ultimately reward successful people with wisdom and resilience. Being in business isn’t easy, and when we get stuck, we’re overwhelmed with

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Authentic on Video

How to Be Authentic On Video

You can’t ignore it–video is here to stay. When creating content, we have to realize that our culture prefers being a ” watch” audience. I think people are tired of the high-end tools and resources that project flawless people on the Internet. But, it’s harder to fake it on a video. If you try, you’ll lose the trust of your

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