Active Love

Building relationships at work or in our communities can create opportunities to share God’s message of hope. But when others are not willing to talk about God, we can show them a shadow of God’s character by practicing active love. Your influence matters. [Tweet “Relinquish the need to be right to lead with God’s loving light. #bgbg2”] [youtube id=”5l39fKfmFnY”] [1:35

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Hope for the Spiritually Distant

Are you praying for a loved one to return to the Lord? We can find comfort knowing God provided a redemptive plan so no one would perish. God desires all men and women, regardless of position, social status, or culture to come and know His truth. All includes your parents, spouse, children, and friends. [Tweet “Man’s faith can smolder; ignite

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Rivers in the Desert

The journey isn’t always easy, but Christ is our redeemer, and He will create rivers in the desert. [Tweet “Serenity isn’t found in the absence of problems, but in the presence of God #bgbg2”] [youtube id=”3o4goKwltrA”] [1:30 minutes] Music Background: Special thanks to Daily Audio Bible  Have a Spirit-filled week. Marisa Shadrick Resources Isaiah 43:19 (New American Standard Bible) References New American

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Reasons to Rejoice

“I hate, Mondays.” How often have you heard people say those words and slip into negativity as the week begins? It’s important to start our day with gratitude—a place of abundance and not scarcity. Start today with reasons to rejoice. [Tweet “No matter what is done to me, I’ll remember what was done for me. #bgbg2”] [youtube id=”OGRubIrSduU”] [1:40 minutes] Music

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Move Our Hearts

God is close to the brokenhearted, and He answers prayers. The longevity or brevity of our “wait” may vary, but God hears our prayers and moves our hearts. [Tweet “God will move our mountains, but He will also move our hearts. #bgbg2”] [youtube id=”/p8f_efgpifA”] [1:34 minutes] Music Background: Special thanks to Daily Audio Bible  Have a Spirit-filled week. Marisa Shadrick ©

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