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How to Choose the Right Opt-in Form

My first experience with an opt-in form was, “What’s a modal?” I still can’t pronounce it.   Here’s what I didn’t know–but I was too ashamed to ask. What’s a shortcode? How many fields should I add? Can all forms be used anywhere? Your email service provider offers a variety of forms, but not all opt-in forms are equal. For

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3 Keto Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Some years back I wrote articles for a newspaper column called Living Well. Health was always an interest of mine. I read lots of articles about inflammation, sugar, and processed foods. My bookshelf was full of health books. I avoided certain foods, and I stayed healthy. But I needed a better plan. I wanted my nutrition to optimize my daily

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How to Choose an Email Service Provider

There are so many tools out there it’s hard to keep up! Making an informed decision is often time-consuming.  Why? We don’t know what “we don’t know.”    Questions to Consider When Choosing an ESP In this training, I break down the questions you should consider when choosing one of the essential tools in your business–an email service provider.   Here’s

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Creating Landing Pages on a Budget

Landing Pages and Thank You Pages are Essential to Your Business. There are many options, and they can get pricy. In this training, I share landing page tips and a tour of an amazing plugin, Optimize Press. Create beautiful customized landing pages easily and quickly–for less than $10 a month.   Here’s what I’ll cover in this training. 1. What

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Comparing Online Course Platforms

Have you procrastinated creating a mini-course because the tech is intimidating? It’s not your fault! I was confused and frustrated when I started. There are so many emerging tools it can get overwhelming and paralyzed us, but I can help.   Quiz to See If You’re Ready to Launch a Course What problem are you solving? What sets you apart?

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