Traditional Family Night

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Traditional Family NightDad pops the popcorn; mom gets the drinks. Kids grab their pillows, and the dog paces back and forth confused by the family buzz.

Some things aren’t old-school, at least not in my house. The family night tradition we started decades ago with my kids will begin again with my grandkids. Well, maybe my nine-month-old granddaughter is too young, but we’ll carry on for the sake of tradition.

This holiday season spend time with your family and keep traditional family night alive with great Christian movies. Time with family is time well invested. (Click to Tweet) I know it’s hard to find great movies even with hundreds of channels at your fingertips, so let me make a suggestion. Start your own movie lending library with some church friends.

Find four to six families that would be willing to purchase a monthly Christian DVD and rotate the movies among those families. You can swap movies at church and look forward to inspiring messages while you support Christian entertainment. Here are a few resources you can check out:

Home Theatre Films   

Family TV

Nest Learning

Do you have a great resource this grandma could use? Please share it in the comment box below.

Live well and serve the Lord!

Marisa Shadrick

Deklofenak © Crestock

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