The Sound of His Voice

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The sound of ocean waves or the gentle whisper of windchimes can calm our spirit. Our culture loves fountains, music in elevators, and even relaxing melodies on our iPhones. “White noise” gives us a sense of peace without the need of our attention or action. We hear without listening.  

Although there’s nothing wrong with constant background noise, a thought crossed my mind. I wondered if God had ever become white noise in my life.

As I pondered the thought, I realized that distractions can dull my spiritual hearing hindering the sound of His voice. When I considered Luke 8:25, “…for he commandeth even the winds and water, and they obey him,” I’m amazed how creation was sensitive to Jesus’ voice. Well, wind or water won’t win one over this child of God.    

The Holy Spirit is faithful to sharpen our spiritual ears and turn white notice into active listening. Our sensitivity is heightened drawing attention to His voice and moving our hearts into action. Perhaps, a Christian song on the radio may rouse a tear or joy ignites from a believer’s testimony. You’ll notice the beggar on the corner, a neighbor in need, or you’ll call a friend without an obvious reason.

As an added blessing, when we are actively listening to God, and trouble overshadows us, we can hear the sound of His voice calm our winds and waves of tribulation.

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick



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