The Power of Asking

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Have you noticed some people are uncomfortable asking for help?

Is it because we don’t want to impose on others? Are we afraid we’ll appear weak? Or perhaps we feel vulnerable because the outcome is unsure? The practice of asking, however, can offer positive emotional and spiritual benefits.


“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you,” Matthew 7:7 New International Version.


The Perceived Risk of Asking

When I was five or six-years-old, I remember wanting a dog—badly. I dreamed about a canine friend I could love, train, and cuddle for hours until I was perfumed with doggie smell. Unfortunately, our apartment didn’t allow pets, so the answer was always a heartbreaking no.

I’m sure you’ve heard the word “no” while growing up, or maybe you heard it yesterday. A young man may fearfully consider, “Should I ask her out on a date?” A middle-aged executive wonders, “Do I dare ask for a promotion?” A single mom struggles with family demands and questions, “Why don’t I ask for help?”

The perceived risk of asking may cause us to reduce potential rejection and stop asking for help.


God’s Assurance When We Ask

Today’s culture expects individuals to be self-reliant, productive, and successful rewarding them with popularity, prestige, and promotions. It’s the unfair measurement of our value. Somehow, there’s an unspoken rule to have it all together. In Matthew 7:7, Jesus doesn’t say to figure it out, work harder, or worry more. He encourages us to ask.

In God’s economy, we already have value. His love is endless, so when we experience daily needs, we can ask God for help. Some say it takes humility, but I believe it takes an unrelenting choice to trust. Unlike humanity’s answers, when we ask God, he is faithful to bring clarity and peace regardless of the outcome.


Faith-filled Expectations

When we have a need, the first step is to ask. You won’t be rejected. It’s a step that honors God because faith caused us to bring the request to His attention. Then, we seek and knock with tenacity. You may wonder, does God need our requests brought to his attention? No, but we do. We need to bring our circumstances into alignment with His bigger plan.

Asking stirs faith-filled expectations. We need faith-filled expectations because experts say we process 30,000 thoughts per day. We find the assurance that eliminates faithless thoughts that keep us stuck in the muck of hopelessness. When we ask God for help, we surrender the important for what’s most important—Jesus.


Reflection / Prayer

Today, what do you need? Are you trying to make it all happen? Are you exhausted living under the oppression of worry? Take the first step, the right step, the best step and ask God to make His will known.

Here’s a prayer to help you begin a life of faith-filled expectations.

Lord, forgive me for trying to do everything myself. I know I don’t have the solutions to my problems. I know you can do more than I can imagine. Today, I ask you to meet my heart’s need and then my current need. I will live with expectancy because you astound me with your goodness and grace. Thank you for reminding me of your faithful love.  In Jesus name, Amen.



Marisa Shadrick


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