The Gift Behind Every Struggle

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Sometimes, our struggles make us feel like an exhausted swimmer in a riptide. Our intentions get us nowhere. We see the shore. It doesn’t look far, but we just can’t make it. We’re tired and need rest. We keep striving, and fear begins to overwhelm us. Perhaps, in those moments God whispers, “Your intention is not my direction.”

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At that moment we cry out, “Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders,” Hillsong. Oceans.

We realize that striving, plans, logic and even good intentions are human expressions of self-reliance. Unfortunately, self-reliance will often hit a wall of fear. Our humanity is limited. We need to rest in the One who can lead us from the world’s bidding to supernatural living.

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Are you in a riptide? Be encouraged. God will lead you with His supernatural power. Isaiah 43:16-19 reminds us that God makes a way through the sea and creates a path through the mighty waters.

Listen to the words of this anointed song by Hillsong United, Oceans.



As I sought direction this past week, I remembered that my destination was the presence of God. Struggles aren’t easy, but the gift behind every struggle is an awakened heart.

Some are born into privilege.

Some are born into poverty.

Some are born into slavery.

Some are born with a rich heritage.

Regardless of our external story,

Our internal story is the same; Christ loves us.

He offers us supernatural transformation.

We need Christ to pull us out of the mire and awaken our hearts.



Do you feel God is leading you into a new spiritual season? So many of my friends are in a new beginning, a change, a shift. Perhaps, God is doing a new thing. A change for such a time as this. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below.



Marisa Shadrick

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“Hillsong UNITED Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Lyric Video.” YouTube. Accessed October 02, 2015.

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2 Responses

  1. Oceans has been a song God has used to encourage me and give me words to pray to him ever since I said “yes” to starting this ministry.

    Thank you for this post as it comes at a time when I need to be reminded of the truth you shared in this. I’m in one of those “OK God, you are gonna have to come through here; I’ve done all I can” kind of moments. Its scary but my experience with him tells me it is also a time to be excited to see him work. When I reach the end of myself I know that is when I’m best able to recognize what he has been doing all along. It puts the spotlight on him and not my own abilities or efforts. Great post, as usual Marisa!

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