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Spiritual Break

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iStock_000021379368Large copyReading this on the fly? Hit the pause button for a second. Take a deep breath from the diaphragm, and exhale as you drop and relax your shoulders.

So, how are you? Are you stressed, overwhelmed, heartsick, or depressed? If I had a spiritual thermometer, would your temperature read hot, cold, or just right?

The thermometer in your medicine cabinet helps detect a fever when we’re fighting a harmful intruder. In the same manner, sometimes we need to see if we’re fighting a harmful spiritual intruder like anxiety, bitterness, anger, fear, or lack of faith.

It’s easier to throw the covers over our head and ignore the symptoms. I’ve been there. I’m not asking you a question that I haven’t asked myself. I need soul-searching one-on-one moments with Jesus. But days can escape me and then I find myself juggling at Warp 2 (ten times the speed of light). If I don’t intentionally push the pause button, I start relying on myself instead of God. Can you relate? Please tell me you can relate.  

CharlyWe are so overwhelmed with work, family needs, bills, meal planning, laundry, and on top of all that, social media.

There’s little rest from tweets, facebook, text messages and emails. A few minutes each day, even if it’s 5 minutes (when our pets demand attention) will help preserve our spiritual focus. 

When I drive to Starbucks or stop for lunch, I include a spiritual break to emotionally and mentally detox. I’ll ask myself “Soul, how are you doing, today? Are we good?” If I’m preoccupied or stressed about something, I can ask the Lord to help me regain perspective. 

We have a purpose and a unique message. Our contribution as wife, mother, friend, and daughter of the King is too valuable. We carry the message of hope that needs to be protected. Take time this weekend to pause, refresh, and relax.

May we run the race and share God’s message of hope with endurance.

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick




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