Son of God, Inspiring Film

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Son of God, Inspiring Film

Movie Review: 

Film Producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, knew they had something special when the miniseries, The Bible, became a success in 2013. I wholeheartedly agree, and I applauded their efforts to bring a Jesus film to Hollywood.

According to Deadline/Hollywood, the newly-released film, Son of God, debuted with $1.2 million last Thursday night. An impressive start, but by Sunday, Newsmax reported this movie hit $26.5 million in box office sales. Amazing results, but the film’s true success will rest on the spiritual impact it will have in years to come.

The producers kept the talented cast and selected scenes from the TV’s miniseries. The miniseries included Bible stories from the Old and New Testament, but this PG-13 film focused on New Testament events. It highlighted and expounded on the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ beautifully portrayed by actor Diogo Morgado.

1939834_427063027440276_1893945538_n“Son of God” isn’t flashy or riveted with special effects, but Morgado captured the essence of Jesus’ compassion, love and humanity. In a beautiful scene, Jesus wades into the water toward a fishing boat. He wants to meet one particular fisherman and join him on the boat. Peter pulls Jesus halfway up, and Jesus hoists himself awkwardly into the boat. No perfect entry or graceful landing. The subtle reminder of Jesus humanity, while humbly the Son of God, was perfect. These unexpected details added drama, intrigue and even humor.          

Some critiques crowned Son of God with thorny commentaries, but its success may imply movie viewers didn’t watch this film with analytical scrutiny. They viewed it with open hearts. Hearts that recognized the timeless message—mercy and forgiveness for all people.   

If you want Hollywood to consider spiritually-based movies, cast your vote with a ticket and enjoy this inspiring film.


Marisa Shadrick

Son of God movie carries a timeless message–mercy and forgiveness for all people.  (Click to Tweet)

Photos: Son of God Facebook Page

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