Silence the Distractions

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Charly, my Labrador retriever, has an incredible memory. Well, it’s selective memory but amazing nonetheless. In spite of his doggie demands to guard and bark when he hears a sound or retrieve a stuffed duck when it’s tossed, he manages to know when it’s five o’clock. He stands with his slightly raised floppy ears, and he’ll fix his eyes on anyone within visual range. His laser stare commands the human victim to get his evening meal. Distractions never interfere with Charly’s daily priority—food.


Remember the Deeds of the Lord

Often, I live in a whirlwind of to-do lists, calendar reminders, and phone alerts. They push me to remember tasks and appointments. I can spend so much time remembering a myriad of responsibilities and forget the most important priority. That’s when I realize I have to choose the most important objective—remember the deeds of the Lord.

I shall remember the deeds of the Lord; surely I will remember Your wonders of old.

Psalm 77:11 (NASB)

I love this entire Psalm because it provides a perspective during times of overwhelming circumstances, failures, or constant problems. Remembering the deeds of the Lord and his redemptive work becomes an anchor for our thoughts. Our thoughts find a safe place resting in God’s grace, mercy, and love that continues to guide us spiritually home.


Silence the Distractions

The Psalm also cautions us not to forget. It references Moses and Aaron during a time when God led His people out of Egypt. God’s people, however, lived distracted and forgot God’s great wonders. As a result, they wandered for forty years, and consequently, that generation never entered God’s Promised Land.

Life can be distracting, but we don’t have to forget the deeds of the Lord. We don’t have to let our thoughts wander into an overwhelming whirlwind. Instead, we can choose to remember what is constant and true.

  • Remember you belong to God.
  • Remember Christ died to set you free.
  • Remember your life is a gift.
  • Remember God’s plans are good and perfect.
  • Remember you serve a living God!


Turn Distractions into Positive Actions 

Instead of remembering the setbacks of the day, the unmet deadlines, or unresolved problems, we can choose to remember we’re part of a bigger picture, an eternal story with a glorious ending.

If you find yourself focused on distractions, silence the distractions. Become intentional about creating triggers that will help you fix your eyes on Jesus. A journal entry, listening to worship music, or making a list of blessings could help you turn distractions into positive actions.

Imagine how our perspective would shift, even the impossible could lead us beyond our present faith and into the possible.

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Marisa Shadrick

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