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Saran Wrap Faith

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Mother in living room with babyWhen I think of the word cleave in Joshua 23:8, I’m sorry to say I think of Saran Wrap. After all, what clings better than plastic wrap? Even the off brands do well preserving freshness. My brand adds an extra promise, “Clings tight without a fight.”

Wow, I don’t think the manufacturer’s marketing team realized what a powerful spiritual tagline they created.

The word cling, in the Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon, means “cleave to, to stay with, to be joined together.”

Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Commentary says:

We must resolve to remain faithful to Him no matter what the circumstances. In other words, our devotion to Him must be stronger than any other loyalty.

Most toddlers instinctively understand how to cling. They cleave to their mother or father; sometimes literally. But what happens when they grow up? They gain confidence and become independent.

Do I cling to God? When I’m in trouble or face challenges, just call me cling on (Not to be confused with Star Trek’s Klingon), but if I’m honest, I can become self-confident. I resist dependence for independence and fight from clinging tight.

When I cover a bowl of fresh fruit, the plastic wrap and the bowl become one. In the same manner when I cling to God in all circumstances, I remain one with Him. I’m learning to cling with “Saran Wrap faith. In the end, my bowl of fruit and my inner spirit will remain preserved for good use.

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick

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Cling to God like Saran Wrap. (Click to Tweet)

Cleaving to God is not a sign of weakness, but rather faithfulness and dependence on Him. (Click to Tweet)


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the Common English Version of the Canonical Books, and Every Occurrence of Each Word in Regular Order. electronic ed. Ontario: Woodside Bible Fellowship., 1996.



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