Relief for the Weary Soul

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Have you ever wondered if you used time wisely? Time seems to slip away quickly. I start my week with a busy Monday and end on a busy Friday. Unfortunately, busyness has a close relative, weariness, but God can redeem our time and energy.


Meltdown Moments

June was an emotional month. I had scattered my father’s ashes at Lake Tahoe on Father’s Day. I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary. My mother had surgery and consequently moved to an assisted living facility.  My ministry reached its mid-year mark with minimal milestones. The passage of time that led to these events made me wonder, Lord, have I used my time wisely.

I had numerous heart-to-heart conversations with the Lord. I felt burdened, and I needed clarity. Although I frequently have introspective moments, I needed something deeper. My repeated prayer was, “Lord, speak to me!” I clung to Jesus like a desperate toddler with an unrelenting grip. (Yes, I do have meltdown moments.)


Another Face of Fear

As I pondered my journey, God revealed that what I build for Him is not as important as what I tear down. Yes, I needed to tear down everything that didn’t line up with God’s truth. After all, you can’t build a building if there’s a relic on the property. It has to be demolished and cleared of all debris.

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.  ‎We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,”

2 Corinthians 10:3-5 (New American Standard Bible)

I was tired of holding on to my relics—patterns and habits that didn’t serve me well. In fact, it caused me unnecessary anxiety.

Anxiety is just another face of fear that often hides behind qualities like responsibility, efficiency, and even love. Fear can distort any quality by using “time” like an accelerant to ignite pressure.


Beware of the Snare called Busyness

Time is a gift. Contrary to common belief, we can’t manage time. We’re not in charge of time. God created it, and it was good. Seconds turn to minutes, and minutes turn to hours. Our gift of time has twenty-four hours in each day, and it’s enough. You may think, Wait a minute, Marisa, what about family demands, appointments, and deadlines?

Would you agree God gives you a daily path? If so, then what you get done each day is enough and in line with God’s good gift—time. Jesus doesn’t overwhelm our day. He is the Prince of Peace.

We need to beware of the snare called busyness. We can be active and productive, but busyness alone can push us over a precipice of lost energy. Although time doesn’t change, the appropriation of energy needs to be valued, adaptable, and protected because the opposite of energy is apathy, weakness, and inefficiency.


Rhythm of Three

God didn’t lead me to change what I was doing; He led me to change how I was doing it.  I apportioned my energy carefully.

We are multifaceted people carefully designed by God, and stewards of our—body, soul, and spirit. If we neglect one, or all, our “rhythm of three” becomes compromised.

Say we have an uplifting spiritual life, but we neglect our personal habits, our days can get complicated. We can have the desire to serve God, but a lack of energy (to name one) can throw our entire day off. It can affect our mood, relationships, and even our job. We need to nurture our body, soul, and spirit.

When I noticed deficiencies in my “rhythm of three,” I realized I was not a one-dimensional woman. I needed to tear down unhealthy beliefs, thoughts, and habits and allow God to help me align my whole person.

Let me share a few ideas that I hope will help you find a path to fresh energy.


Body-Focused Suggestions

  • Take a daily walk or begin a daily movement routine
  • Take an hour for lunch (not in front of the computer)
  • Eat healthy energy foods
  • End work on time
  • Sleep at least eight hours


Soul-Focused Suggestions (or mind-focused)

  • Don’t start your day with emails or social media
  • Start a journal to note milestones and spiritual insights
  • Chunk your time for focused work and don’t multitask
  • Avoid distractions and turn off electronic notifications.
  • Learn to say, “No.” (unless God says otherwise)


Spirit-Focused Suggestions

  • Begin your day from a place of abundance and gratitude (journal it)
  • Schedule scripture study and prayer time
  • Plan daily moments of reflection and introspection
  • Refresh throughout the day with Christian music, podcasts, or audiobooks
  • Don’t take your spiritual temperature when you’re physically tired


Beat as One

God won’t look at your weariness with reproach. Instead, He’ll guide your steps with a fresh approach.

Nurture your body, soul, and spirit. Remember small adjustments can provide tremendous results, physically, practically, and spiritually. You’ll find that your life will organically detox while you nurture your whole person.

God will help you maintain a healthy “rhythm of three.” He knows the rhythm of your heart because He lives there. You will recognize God’s rhythm for your life, and together, you and God will beat as one.



Marisa Shadrick

© Lightstock



New American Standard Bible: 1995 update. (1995). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation.

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