Quiet Strength in Jesus Christ

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Quiet Strength in Jesus ChristWhen life becomes difficult, I sometimes wonder if I am strong enough, or brave enough to walk the journey. I’ll look for detours and try to ease the situation. But when I finally submit to God, I find quiet strength in Him.

It’s been a couple of years since we had to leave our home and move into a rental house. Since 2008, the recession was like the angel of death seeking to shutdown companies. My husband’s corporate employer fell under the recession’s shadow and eliminated an entire department. Forty-five people from executives, middle managers, coaches, and support staff lost their jobs. Six months later, my husband found work, but the income difference led to bankruptcy.

After our relocation, I became concerned about my father. I had realized that my dad’s eccentric ways were actually signs of dementia. It was time to move him into our home. Eight months later, he had a stroke. He was never the same again. I became his full-time caregiver.

A year later, my daughter went through a difficult pregnancy. Living four hours away, my husband and I juggled schedules so I could travel and help my daughter.

The events continued. My step-dad suffered a seizure and was hospitalized. Shortly after, my mother went through knee replacement surgery. I tried caring for them in the midst of writing deadlines and managing Lite Living ministry. It never seemed to be enough. Personal challenges are sometimes easier to bear than watching loved ones struggle.

I took many walks early in the morning to pray. One morning, when the sun was still slumbering, and the moon lingered past its bedtime, I crying out to God, “I can’t take care of them!”

God in His quiet way responded, “You don’t need to, I am.”

The great “I AM” reminded me that He can carry every need and every burden. Although I didn’t feel strong or brave, I felt at peace that God knew exactly how to care for each one and He did. Two years later, His faithfulness was obvious:

– My husband was offered a lucrative position with an attractive company.

– Although my father is mentally failing, he’s happy. He’ll be 92 this month.

– I have a beautiful, healthy nine-month-old granddaughter.

– My father-in-law beat medical odds and remained at home with my mother.

– My mom recovered from her knee replacement surgery and buzzes around the house.

– I managed to get published with Chicken Soup for the Soul and Gospel Publishing House. I also found a wonderful online community of Godly women through Lite Living ministry.    

When we look back we realize our lives have been made rich through quiet strength in Jesus Christ. (Click to Tweet) We may pray for sudden miracles, but the true miracle is the courage and strength God gives us to walk the unknown journey.  Being strong and brave isn’t a matter of human effort; it’s found in God’s moment-by-moment grace. (Click to Tweet

If you’re walking an unknown journey, the great “I AM” is more powerful than human effort. Quiet strength in Jesus Christ is learning to trust the Master. (Click to Tweet) His grace will help us align our hearts to His promises while we wait for our breakthrough. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Marisa Shadrick

Laures © Crestock


Question: How has God shown you quiet strength? Share one experience in the comment box below. 

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6 Responses

  1. “We may pray for sudden miracles, but the true miracle is the courage and strength God gives us to walk the unknown journey.” So true, Marisa! Your unknown journey was certainly filled with trials. Grateful you let the Lord carry you through to this end where you can minister to others in such a powerful way.

    1. Thanks, Susan. BTW, I’m so impressed with World Vision’s upgrades (it’s been a while). I love the fact sponsors can buy goats, chickens, etc. The ministry has evolved quite a bit. Are you a spokesperson for them?

      1. No, we sponsor two kids thru Compassion International and I blog for them. We also have a little girl in Guatemala through The Potter’s House. How cool that World Vision offers such tangible things as livestock! And how about the other ministries who let you sponsor a well? So many cool ways to meet practical needs AND share the Gospel!

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