Power in the Pause

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Silence has become a welcome friend that calms my spirit. A quiet walk soon reveals the unnoticeable sounds of a warm breeze, leaves fluttering across the pavement, but more importantly, God’s presence.

Pure and praiseworthy ideas inspire my thoughts. I know they’re not my own because they’re more eloquent than mine, creative beyond my abilities, and selfless—unlike my carnal nature. The Holy Spirit whispers redemptive words, and once again, I realize there is power in the pause.

renew mind


Scripture tells us to renew our minds. A pause creates intentional space for the Holy Spirit to whisper words of meditation, correction, and direction. Although God’s Spirit is always present, daily noise can pollute our thoughts, but a pause brings spiritual clarity.

The Holy Spirit gives us the practical perspective we need for relationships, work, parenting and more importantly, ourselves. The Holy Spirit shows us the beliefs behind our unhealthy thoughts–the carnal areas that can trigger unattractive reactions we later regret.

The apostle Paul was candid when he said:

right and wrong


Do you remember the old handset telephones? They were clunky phones with a short-coiled cord that invaded our kitchen countertops. It crowded our workspace and limited our range of movement. Even if you owned a progressive cordless phone, you couldn’t walk far from the base—”Can you hear me now?”

Negative thoughts are like those clucking phones—they tie us down. They invade our mental space and limit our freedom in Christ. We communicate with God with a desire to take bigger steps of faith, but we’re tied down by old ways of thinking. It’s time to cut the cord!

So, how does God renew our minds? The power is in the pause.


When we experience negative thoughts like fear, insecurity, or doubt, it’s time to pause, pray and prevail. When you pause, you have made a choice not to react but to wait and respond.

When a confrontation or a circumstance triggers a reaction, a 30-second prayer allows the Holy Spirit to whisper words of encouragement. We may remember a scripture, understand the bigger spiritual picture, or become filled with grace. The strength we find in a few seconds can help us offer a Godly response. Transformation occurs as we yield and allow the Holy Spirit to renew our minds.

Behavior Can Change

My spiritual bully was fear. Learning to pause and pray helped me prevail and live with an intentional direction toward God’s Kingdom purposes. We never arrive, but the turnaround time between entertaining negative thoughts and redeeming negative thoughts becomes easier as we develop a “response” habit rather than a “reaction” habit.

Behaviors can change when we start with our thoughts; it’s possible and glorious.

Have you experienced “power in the pause?” In the comments below, share how God has helped you prevail.

Have a blessed day!

Marisa Shadrick




Taylor, K. N. (1997). The living Bible, paraphrased. Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House.

The New King James Version. (1982). Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

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