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Do you have a message that brings hope to the world? I believe you do! Don’t let the external and internal challenges you face keep you from achieving your mission and goals. Plus, when you sign up for podcast notifications, I’ll send you my 5-step online system so you can stay focused on needle-moving activity. CLICK HERE to receive podcast notifications. 

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Coming Soon Welcome, I’m Marisa Shadrick, host of the Resilient Faith Online show. I’m a digital strategist and certified copywriter, but more importantly, a woman

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I speak on topics related to 

  • Overcoming Fear and Finding Your Brave Online
  • Defining Purpose and Finding Personal Fulfillment
  • The Art of Written Communication – Copywriting

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Mairsa Shadrick

Click my “About” page to find out more about me and my work. If you need startup strategy tips, welcome home! Let me help you unleash your brilliance with confidence and resilience. 

Also, I’m a certified copywriter under the mentorship of Ray Edwards and his Copywriting Academy Coaching Program. If you need copywriting services or you have any questions, Contact Me

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