Pacesetters' Online Mastermind

A Faith-based Community for Rising Online Entrepreneurs

It's not what you've got; it's what you use that makes a difference. - Zig Ziglar

  • Fuel Your Mission

    Everything begins with your “why” (mission or purpose), and this provides business clarity. A mastermind helps you stay focused and on point to your mission and purpose.

  • Create Your Strategy

    Your business strategy is your overall plan to achieve the desired end.  It’s your big picture and answers the “how” you are going to accomplish your vision. List-Building is a big part of that strategy.

  • Implementing Tactics

    Tactics are the actions steps executed that produce incremental results and momentum. Action steps aren’t easy to implement because we often get distracted, but your Pacesetters will keep you accountable.

What Others Are Saying About Marisa

Nana Abraham

Pacesetters is a great group if you want to be challenged and learn new things each week at an energizing pace. It is a great place to test out ideas, be encouraged, and held accountable to your goals. The structure allows everyone to grow and have an equal amount of time to share and get feedback. Pacesetters helped me to get new ideas and break out of 2 years of stagnancy.

Nana Abraham Author and Life Coach

We can fulfill our God-assignment when we find the right community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do You Meet? 

We meet every Wednesday @ 4:00 PST via Zoom. It's a 90-minute, face-to-face, interactive call. You will make new friends, stay accountable to your goals, and learn so much.

Will There Be Any Special Training?

Every week you will receive a list-building tip to leverage your website, social media, and campaigns. We will also have guest speakers periodically teach on various topics. New members will have access to all the training.

What If I Need Help During the Week? 

Members have access to a private Facebook community. You can post questions or an exciting win. Beyond announcements, you'll find relevant articles and resources that will save you time.

Will I Get Help With My Marketing Strategy?

We have a rotation schedule, so everyone enjoys the benefits of a 15-minute Spotlight. You choose the question, and we help. Each member also receives one-on-one coaching with Marisa every six months.

What If I Can't Make a Call?

Although participation creates dynamic interaction, occasionally, members have scheduling conflicts. A video replay is available in the Pacesetters course platform within 24 hours of the mastermind.

How Long Is My Commitment? 

You can choose either a six-month or twelve-month membership. With each renewal, members can schedule an hour, one-on-one coaching call with Marisa. The membership is affordable, so your spot is secure until you choose otherwise.