Our View of God

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ImmoveableSometimes, it’s hard to see God when we’re busy or preoccupied, but He’s more visible than we think.

I could have stayed home because I had work to do, but my husband asked me to join him on a business trip. I seldom go on business trips, but I considered the ten-hour drive to San Diego. I didn’t hear an audible voice from God, but I sensed I should go. This was an opportunity to honor my husband and spend more time with him.

Travel is not easy for this urban girl. No matter how short the trip, I can’t pack lightly. My over-packed luggage usually contains extra jackets, shoes, and food—tons of food. After all, men don’t stop when they’re behind the wheel, and passengers could starve! But, this time, I made sure to pack peace. I asked Jesus to help me throughout the entire process. I wasn’t going to let the inconvenience, or the risks of falling behind, ruin an opportunity to spend time with my man. 

WorkingGod helped me pack what I needed, not what I wanted. He creatively helped me turn the passenger seat of a rental car into a 2 x 3 mobile workspace. There I sat in a Ford Fusion working on my laptop while my husband made business calls. Occasionally, we’d pause to chat, laugh and visit Starbucks along the way. It was a long road trip, but God graced it with peace. No mountaintop experience. No great revelation. His presence was unobtrusive and subtle. So subtle, you would think He wasn’t there.  

We drove to a breathtaking beachfront hotel in La Jolla Beach. My husband surprised me with a beautiful writing location while he worked. 

On our last evening, the sun descended across the horizon. I walked out to the balcony, and my ocean view was dimmed by the setting sun; yet, I could still hear the water’s magnificent roar. I could also smell the blended scent of saltwater and sand. It was still there.

Similarly, we have this assurance with God. God is constant and always present. Although we can’t see Him with our eyes, we can see Him in other ways. I saw Him in the heart of my husband. I saw Him as I completed my work. I saw Him through answered prayer. I saw Him in the beauty of His creation.   

Like a setting sun dims an ocean view, days may dim our view of God but both remain constant and immovable. (Click to Tweet)

That night, as I gaze into the darkness from my hotel balcony, I saw God once again within my spirit. I felt His gentle touch in the ocean breeze and the sound of His power within the crashing waves.

1 Peter 1:8 (RSV)

Without having seen him you love him; though you do not now see him you believe in him and rejoice with unutterable and exalted joy. 


Question: How do you see God? Share a thought in the comment box below. 


Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick


The Revised Standard Version. Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc., 1971.

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