Our 7 Marriage Secrets

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“I don’t want to date you–I want to marry you,” affirmed Vince.

When Vince proposed, we knew each other for three weeks, but it was love at first sight.

This weekend, Vince and I will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary. What guaranteed a life-long commitment? The answer is simple–a commitment. Our first commitment was to Jesus, and our second commitment was to each other.

As we looked back, we noticed that commitment uncovered seven secrets.

Our 7 Marriage Secrets

1. Cultivate the same spiritual values.

2. Keep your sense of humor.

3. Respect and encourage one another.

4. Remain teachable during life’s seasons.

5. Seek strength from God and not your spouse.

6. Find time to play, talk, and enjoy simple things.

7. Learn to say, “I’m sorry.”

When God is at the center of your marriage, your spouse is your partner and your greatest advocate, but it doesn’t come without work and sacrifice. The sacrifice, however, is not deprival. Sacrifice yields personal fruit and a closer relationship.

A long-lasting marriage is still possible–even when it begins with love at first sight. Here’s a link to a Chicken Soup for the Soul story I wrote, “Still in Love.”

View More: http://capturethestory.pass.us/marisa


Marisa Shadrick

(Happy Anniversary, babe!)


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