How to Edit Videos with Camtasia

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The video craze will not go away any time soon. You are wise to discover all you can learn about video creation. 

You’ve taken steps to course creation.

You know where to host your videos.

Now, let me show you,


How to Edit Videos with Camtasia

In this video, I covered the basics! 

  1. How to upload and edit a video
  2. How to add a lower third
  3. How to add images
  4. How to add music
  5. How to export a video
  6. How to export an audio file
  7. How to get started with Camtasia



Free Resource: Free YouTube Audio/Music Library

Post questions, scroll down to the “Reply” section and post in the comments.


Stay Resilient!

Marisa Shadrick

Online Content Strategist and Certified Copywriter


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