How to Be Authentic On Video

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You can’t ignore it–video is here to stay.

When creating content, we have to realize that our culture prefers being a ” watch” audience.

I think people are tired of the high-end tools and resources that project flawless people on the Internet.

But, it’s harder to fake it on a video. If you try, you’ll lose the trust of your audience.

That’s the beautiful advantage we have with video; you can be authentic. You can be yourself.

You can record and talk to people as if they were across your kitchen table. That’s the relational piece everyone is desperate to experience.

If you’ve thought about creating or improving video content, but you get nervous that your delivery won’t be video worthy, then this is for you, my friend.

“The only thing that separates you from your competitors is you.” That’s one of the many tips you’ll hear from my friend Lee Bradshaw.

Lee Bradshaw is a marketer who teaches businesses how to create videos that grow their brand, communicates their message, and generates sales.

You can bring what no else can to video content–you!


Lee Bradshaw


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