His Silence Is Not His Abandon

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Woman sitting with her knees up and head down.I have no sense of direction. When I drive beyond familiar roads, my husband prints directions with arrows and highlighted instructions.

Naturally, I sang the Hallelujah Chorus when I owned a car with a Global Positioning System (GPS), but trusting my GPS was another story. On one particular road trip, God reveal that my trust issues went beyond my GPS.   

When my daughter was pregnant, she had a difficult pregnancy, so I visited often. She lived by the coast, and I lived four hours inland. It was a long, straight boring drive on the freeway. One time, I decided to use my GPS, and cut forty-five minutes of travel time through the mountains.  

As the sun set, the country road became dark. I lowered my head and leaned forward thinking it would improve my visibility. It soon became pitch-black. There was no moonlight or stars flickering in the sky. I couldn’t see ahead, back, or either side of me. My eyes followed the car lights beaming down on the asphalt. The darkness made me nervous especially since my GPS was silent. I doubted the integrity of the device and feared the worst.

Suddenly, my GPS began to talk. It gave me specific instructions about approaching turns. It cued me to turn before I could see the shadowy intersection. I was so relieved; I could have hugged my companion if she had been more than an electronic voice.

I finally saw the city lights as I descended the mountains. I knew I was driving in the right direction, but the Lord gently impressed a thought in my heart. Marisa, you don’t trust me either. He was right.

I realized when God’s leading was easy my spiritual journey was peaceful. But, when life was dark, full of problems and challenges, I began to doubt. I didn’t trust the One who directs my steps. I questioned His direction.

My GPS was guiding me even when it wasn’t giving me audio cues. When it was time to make a turn, it spoke. Similarly, God guides—especially during dark times. His silence is not His abandon, but lessons of faith.

I’m learning to trust Him by anchoring my heart to His Word. His Word builds my faith, faith cultivates trust, and trust offers hope.

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Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick

Sparkmom © Crestock 



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Faith cultivates trust, and trust offers hope. http://bit.ly/GPJFsp (Click to Tweet)



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