God Shares His Hallmark Moments

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NatureAs a new grandmother, I want to share Hallmark moments with friends and family. I have pictures on my iphone, Facebook, and of course, old-school print. Can you blame me? Beautiful moments should be shared, and God shares His Hallmark moments, too.

I think God enjoys painting the sky every morning. If God numbered the stars and called each one by name, then I’m sure He enjoys painting a sky. Maybe that’s why nature loves to boast about God’s love, power, creativity, and His delight to surround us with beauty. But, I often take God’s artistic expression for granted—until recently.

Last August, I attended a writer’s conference in Portland. It’s an eight-hour road trip from California to Oregon. I wondered how I would handle the journey. Singing classic oldies, listening to audiobooks, and visiting Starbucks would keep me entertained for about three hours. I get bored easily, and when I get bored, I get sleepy. (Aren’t you glad I have a driver’s license?)

As soon as I left the sun-scorched hills of Redding I started to view the greener landscape of Oregon. I felt as though God was flipping through a three-dimensional photo album. I thought about God as creator and artist. You can often understand an artist through his work. I didn’t want to look outside and see a sky and scenery—I wanted to experience it. I wanted to ponder why God chose yellow, tan and orange to showcase fall, why He made clouds look like cotton balls, and why He gave the wind different voices.

Dinner_OregonI arrived in Portland at sunset and enjoyed a relaxing outdoor dinner overlooking the Colombia River. The breeze was cool and refreshing. I watched the sun reflect on the river as it melted into the water. At that Hallmark moment, the evening reflected God’s character.

Why did I wait so long to enjoy God’s handiwork? 

I have much to experience with God, and much to experience with my granddaughter. I hope I never take Hallmark moments for granted because those moments make our lives rich.

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick



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