God Shapes Our Faith into Something Beautiful

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Have you ever questioned the stability of your faith?  We say we trust Jesus, but an unexpected loss, fear, or challenge can reveal our feeble spiritual legs. Fortunately, the ebb and flow of faith is not the absence of faith. It can produce Godly living.

I’m acclimating to my new desert surroundings. Home is no longer by a pond with ducks and sycamore trees. Every morning hundreds of palm trees and rocky hills greet me. This dry beauty evokes raw confidence. It survives and thrives. I found a spiritual oasis in this desert. At a distance, I can see Vegas sleeping from a long night of flurry. My heart connects with God’s and I pray, “Lord, have mercy on this city of lights, and help me be a city on the hill.”

Home is different, but it’s still home. In the same manner, faith can look different, but it’s still faith.

Wisdom from Jesus’ brother–James

The Book of James is one of my favorite Bible books because it’s practical. I love practical applications. In fact, my husband and I loved this book so much we named our daughter, Jamie, twenty-seven years ago. Let me share a few treasures from this book.

James threads the theme of faith throughout this entire book. The book is a letter, written for believers. In fact, in five short chapters, the word “brethren” appears fifteen times.

The letter contains five truths that exposes the ebb and flow of our faith.

Faith Tested — James 1:1-27

Faith in Action — James 2:1-26

Faith Professed — James 3:1-18

Faith Deficits — James 4:1-17

Faith Restored — James 5:1-20

Faith and Love

Our faith is in constant motion, and we can’t steer its direction without the Holy Spirit. It’s similar to love—unconditional love.

Love Tested

Love in Action

Love Professed

Love Deficits

Love Restored

Love can look different, just as faith can look different. Our faith isn’t perfect, but God’s faith is perfect. Faith may be weak, but even in our weakness, we have this assurance:

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

James 1:2-4 (New American Standard Bible)

Walk with confidence knowing God shapes our faith into something beautiful.

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick


New American Standard Bible: 1995 update. (1995). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation.



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  1. I really like the different aspects of love written here. It will help me look at things a different way this week. Am I being tested? Do I need to show action etc. Thank you!

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