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Give the Devil Some Push Back

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Submission is synonymous with faith. It’s a lifelong discipline to reject worldly securities and self-reliance. Submission brings us closer to God, but there’s another submission we need to avoid–accepting subtle lies that discredit the power of God. When tempted to doubt, give the devil some push back and submit your thoughts to God.

Satan distorts the truth and tries to build a false case against God and us.  He imposes conflict, confusion, tension, and terror. He doesn’t want Christ’s followers to mature and exercise Kingdom living.

When we remember the cross, we remember how the battle ended. Jesus Christ defeated the enemy. Christ is our overcoming King, and we can push back doubt with complete submission and renewed faith. Temptation fails because submission to Christ nauseates the devil—he runs away.

James 4_7

On Good Friday, we painfully remember the cost of our salvation. Jesus suffered a brutal execution with complete submission because His motivation was love. Jesus gave everything as a man, to redeem what was His as King.

Watch this short video. May love motivate us to submit our lives daily to a Living King!


The next time the devil tempts us to doubt, let’s give him some push back.

We submit because we are…



Free in Christ

A new creation

Temple of the Holy Spirit

Child of Light

Daughter of God

Friend of God

Created for good works

Live because He died.

Have a blessed Easter weekend.

Marisa Shadrick

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