Fully Satisfied

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Fully SatisfiedI hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Even though all my kids couldn’t make it, I was thankful to have my daughter and my nine-month-old granddaughter with us. This was Audrey’s first Thanksgiving, and we couldn’t wait to let her try some turkey.

She smiled and kicked her legs in delight knowing it was time to eat—anything. As a joke, my husband put a turkey leg on her tray (husband humor). She stared in shock. It wasn’t the usual smaller pieces she finds in front of her. In all fairness, we replaced the enormous leg with manageable smaller pieces and added mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. She filled her tummy one piece at a time, fully satisfied, and lacking nothing.

AudreyAs I watched my granddaughter, I knew how she felt. Sometimes, life can put an enormous circumstance in front of us, but it’s not enormous for God. He uses these opportunities to help us grow in faith. God replaces our fears with His perspective. His Word becomes a filter to separate truth from imagination. He breaks down the circumstance into manageable smaller pieces and adds new mercies every day to meet the needs. Like my granddaughter, we live one piece at a time, fully satisfied, and lacking nothing.       

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Question: How has God changed your perspective recently? Share in the comment box below.

Enjoy God’s blessings this weekend.

Marisa Shadrick

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