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On track copyIf Jesus walked the earth today, would He have an online presence on Facebook or Twitter? I don’t think so, but the thought made me consider, am I a fan, or a follower, of Jesus?

In social media the words fan and follower often are interchangeable. They represent a community linked by a common interest.    

As Christians, it’s hard to hide our fan status with Jesus. We rave about Him, shout hallelujahs and even post online scriptures and inspirational photos. I love to read the posts, and I share them on Facebook and Pinterest. But when Jesus said, follow me, He had something different in mind—conscious response.

When we follow, we’re not leading; we consciously choose to respond to someone’s direction. For example: just because I’m active in ministry doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a follower. There are times I’m simply a fan. Ouch!

Despite occasional derailment, as followers Jesus offers us daily partnership in His kingdom work. He’ll help us stay on track, respond to His leading, and share His love on earth. His heart becomes our purpose. His thoughts become our actions.

I imagine we’ll continue to be raving fans, but with His grace and our conscience response, we’ll remain faithful followers.

Have a blessed weekend.

Marisa Shadrick



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