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  • Are your marketing attempts failing, and you have no clue what you're doing wrong?
  • Are you out of touch with your audience, and you can't seem to increase engagement?
  • Do you get frustrated writing copy without a strategy?

Are You Making These Common Mistakes in Your Writing! 

  • Writing without thinking about the reader's journey.
  • Writing with jargon words that confuse the prospect.
  • Writing without clarity that leads to babble, babble!
  • Writing without showing the transformational benefit.
  • Writing too much about yourself, your credentials, and your features.
  • Writing without mentioning why they should work with you or what makes you different.
  • Writing a loud and desperate piece of copy that sounds salesy.

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Marisa Shadrick

Words on a computer screen or Smartphone are powerful because they can capture a person’s attention leading them to a solution or answer.

I started writing and publishing articles over 15 years ago. My passion for writing led me to narrative copywriting. I help entrepreneurs tell better stories so they can bring value and resources to the world.”

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Marisa Shadrick

7 Tips For Writing Better Copy--Today! 

Although your business offers a marketable product or service, the copy is all about your prospect. Make your message clear as you lead your reader to the best solution-you!

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    • Determine the outcome you want, so everything supports your end in mind.
    • Make your headlines scannable, so they catch your reader's attention.
    • Keep your paragraphs short so their easy to read on desktop or mobile.
    • Use bullet points to break up your text for easy reading.
    • Add testimonials for credibility--even if it's your own.
    • Gently, embed your story into your copy, so the reader thinks, "Yeah, that me to a tee!"
    • Have one clear call to action, but make it available throughout your copy.

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    Ray Edwards

    You seldom run across someone with tenacity, mental stamina, and the skillset needed to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Marisa is passionate about helping online content creators succeed with brand clarity and online strategies. She brings her communication skills in her copywriting, helping you connect with your audience and blaze through the virtual noise.

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