Changed by Life’s Storms

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It’s easy to be thankful for growth and prosperity, but blessings come in different ways. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to add hardships to our gratitude list? Wait! What…hardships? Don’t we want to forget the drama?

Without a doubt, we don’t want to experience hard times, but wouldn’t you agree, that’s when we often gain a deeper understanding of God’s love. We come face-to-face with His incomprehensible grace that develops our spiritual growth and produces freedom in Christ.


From Troubles to Triumphs   

I pondered a few of my past turbulent seasons. At the time, grace was undetected by this fearful heart, but on the other side of difficulty, I realized blessings abound. In Christ, a flawed past can turn into an awed-filled life. God turns troubles into triumphs.

Here are a few of my grateful hardship prayers. Perhaps you’ve prayed similar prayers during past or present struggles.


Blemished Childhood

Lord, the fear that began as a preschooler caused me to look up. By your revelation, you became more than a fairytale–you were real. At times, you were my only friend, but earthly rejection led me to Your acceptance. You filled my heart with a desire to love the unloved and to give rejected hearts hope. Thank you for giving me compassion for hurting people.

Divorced Parents

Lord, during my teen years, the tearing away of my family shattered stability and faith in relationships. In the midst of the pain, you showed me that Your love never fails. You taught me unconditional, spirit-filled, agape love. Thank you for showing me that you are the centerpiece of every lasting relationship. Thank you for blessing me with thirty years of marriage.


Lord, you taught me about provision through a bankruptcy in 2010. You stripped me of self-dependency and reaffirmed my trust in You. You are my Jehovah Jireh—The Lord Our Provider. Thank you for silencing the idols of self-dependency. Thank you for teaching me humility.

Viral Meningitis  

Lord, you blessed me with health, but when illness robbed me of strength, I realized I took my health for granted. While I was bedridden, I thought of people with chronic diseases and disabilities–those who suffer year-after-year. You imparted empathy in my heart for the sick and a desire for your supernatural power to heal the sick. Thank you for opening my eyes and placing a burden of prayer for those suffering from illnesses and disabilities.

Aging Parents

Lord, dementia is a cruel enemy. My heart broke into a million pieces watching my father suffer from dementia, yet in your mercy, you provided care. You gave me an assurance of his salvation. You reminded me that I can’t fix anything. I can’t make bad things go away. I can, however, love and pray for my loved ones. Thank you that they are in your hands, and you love them more than anyone on this earth.


Spiritual Transformation

I love Romans 5:3-5 in the New American Standard Bible. God’s Word breathes hope during difficult times. With a grateful heart, we can lean on hope and our Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

Generic Parchment Reference

Changed by life’s storms? I hope so.

Challenges will come and go, but when we remember God’s faithfulness, He changes fear to assurance. We can be grateful for a flawed past, and endure hard times knowing God offers hope. We can live an awe-filled life.

Marisa Shadrick

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New American Standard Bible: 1995 update. (1995). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation.

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