Change Your Facebook Page Name Without Getting Declined

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What? Declined?

We can change where we live and change our hair color. We can even change our online brand messaging, but try and change your Facebook Page Username, well, that’s a different story. The laws of Facebook will fall upon you.

It happens. We can change a lot of things, but we can’t change our Facebook Page Username–even if the change is your name.

I didn’t see a problem branding myself since I was the content creator, but the message read, declined. How rude!

Hmm, maybe my name was taken? Could there be two Marisa Shadricks? Oh, geez, one is enough, my friends.

Nope, I was able to create a Facebook Page with my name, but what would I do with the other page?

Fortunately, I discovered a way to change my username.

In this video, my friend Bill McConnell shares a quick and easy 10-second tip that will help you update your FB Username quickly.

I tried it, and it worked.

Thank you to Bill McConnell for his valuable tip.

Resource Links:
Facebook Guidelines:…
Bill McConnell
Marisa Shadrick:



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