Your Why is The Best Time-Management Hack

Your Why is the Best Time-Management Hack

No matter how much time you spend getting organized, it’s never enough. Do you feel frustrated with your time-management?  Do you spend too much time on unimportant things?  I want to help you prune away distractions and implement a simple practice to strategize and execute your goals.   Align “Your Why” To Your Work When […]

It Only Takes a Moment to Unleash The Power of Gratitude

It only takes a moment to unleash the power of gratitude

Thanksgiving Day 🦃 comes and goes, but maybe we could practice thankfulness every moment of every day. 🤔 We need to be intentional about gratitude 🙋‍♂️ and reap its benefits. This Thanksgiving, stop and consider what you have. 😇 Suddenly your perspective changes and life looks different. It only takes a moment to unleash the […]

Let Faith Shape Your Work and Future

Let Faith Shape Your Work

Our work is an extension of who we are. Without God’s alignment, we can’t remain resilient and bear fruit, aka succeed.  We need a consistent spiritual routine.   Creating daily habits is key, and they will serve you in life and business.   Here are 5 Tips to Grow from the Inside Out and Let Faith […]

7 Tips for Compelling Website Copy

7 Copywriting Tips for a Compelling Website

For a Compelling Website, You Need Design and Website Copy   When someone is ready to start a business, the first thing on the “to-do” list is to build a website. Build it, and they will come!  Um, no! If you’re strategic with keywords, you may gain some organic traffic. What then? You only have […]

How Challenges Can Help You Grow & Become Resilient

How Challenges Can Help You Grow and Become Resilient

Resiliency is possible! We live in a fractured world, but we can rise above the emotional noise and live a focused and productive life. We can coexist with tension and adversity. How? Stop giving negative emotions all your attention. Doubt, insecurity, and fear are relentless–they want your allegiance. Let your emotions expose your deepest thoughts. […]

How to Grow Your Email List with Strategic Content

How to Grow Your Email List with Strategic Content

How do you attract people who could use your content, resources, products, or services?  Maybe you’re an author who wants to have a book traditionally published.  Perhaps you’re a coach who wants to help people one-on-one.  Or maybe you want to create residual income by offering digital products.   You need a plan to reach […]

Get Your Holiday Game Plan Done Before Thanksgiving

Marla Regan

We’ve all heard of the famous organizer Marie Kondo who sparks joy by being tidy. Or maybe you caught the Get Organized Show with “The Home Edit” duo on Netflix who helped celebrity Reese Witherspoon from “Legally Blonde” get her memorabilia organized. Well, if you want to drop a couple of hundred dollars an hour […]

Write Your Goals and Reach Your Highest Potential

Write Your Goals and Reach Your Highest Potential

If you want to reach your highest potential, you must set specific goals for every area of your life. Can you think of a celebrity or influential person who achieved success but neglected their health or relationships? Unfortunately, we all can. Motivation and organizational skills aren’t enough to realize our personal and professional dreams. We […]

5-Min Research Tools to Stay in the Know

5-Min Research Tools to Stay in the Know

We love to consider ourselves relevant, but I’ve learned it takes effort to remain relevant. Why is it important? Make an effort to understand people, and you’ll develop the empathy needed to improve your relationships. When we’re relevant, we’ve put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, and that leads to effective communication. Without it, we […]

How to Market Online During the Holiday Season

How to Market Online During the Holiday Season

Determine Your Client’s Awareness Level Client awareness is understanding whether your audience considers your product or service a present need. They may not know they need it.  For example, I may not know I need a particular vitamin until someone explains the overall health benefits.  If your product or service requires an explanation to buy, […]