How to Improve Your Speaking and Video Marketing Content

How to Improve Your Speaking and Video Marketing Content

If you’re thinking about recording video content and creating a marketing strategy, well done. Let’s face it. People prefer video content. Today, even audio content is evolving. Video podcasting is on the rise. Why? Whether you use videos for lead generation, raise brand awareness, or improve search engine rankings, statistics show it’s effective.   Video […]

Email Marketing Fundamentals and Why It’s Important

Email Marketing Fundamental and Why It's Important

I love getting emails from Vans, even though I know it’s an email marketing campaign. Why? I have seventeen pairs of Vans shoes, nine flannels, three sweatshirts, Christmas pajamas, and a couple of sweat pants. Yes, I’m a Vans fan. I want to take advantage of their sales and stay in the know. Believe it […]

How to Optimize Every Post Before You Hit Publish

How to optimize every post before you hit publish

When you publish a post to your website, you want to optimize every post to reach the most relevant readers. One way to do this is by adding keywords to your content. I realize keyword conversations will trigger a yawn but hear me out. I used to skip the whole keyword game, but not anymore. What […]

How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Imagine if you could increase organic traffic by knowing how to create an effective content marketing strategy. Before the pandemic, we drove to San Francisco to visit my son. We hit a toll bridge. To move traffic across the bridge to a specific destination, you paid a toll. It’s the same with online ads. You […]

How Headlines Attract and Engage An Audience

How Headlines Attract and Engage Your Audience

Headlines attract and engage an audience. The challenge is we have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention online. You have amazing ideas to share, services to offer, or products to sell. No doubt, your offer provides a solution… in less time with less pain (pain is simply a problem) that lowers cost that increases revenue […]

How to Position Your Products in a Crowded Market

How to Position Your Products in a Crowded Market and Succeed

Have you struggled to position your products in a crowded market? Does it feel impossible to get noticed and earn revenue?   Whatever you offer, there’s probably someone offering something similar. There’s nothing new under the sun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. You need to position your products for success. By now, you […]

Write a Killer “About” Page and Engage Your Audience

Write a Killer About Page and Engage Your Audience

Your About page can engage your audience! The behind-the-scenes story that got you to where you are matters. Your journey and the discoveries within that story are important. It has value, and it becomes the first step toward audience connection.   The Power of Your Brand Story Don’t underestimate your story. It’s powerful, and here’s […]

Mindset Matters: How to Cultivate Healthy Mental Habits


Does Mindset Matter? When growing an online business, you’ll soon go beyond your comfort zone. Cultivate healthy mental habits for business success.   Lessons From a Spork  What is a spork? It’s a plastic utensil that is both a spoon and a fork. In Toy Story 4, a spork was introduced named Forky! The story […]

Why Google Analytics Helps You Improve Your Reach

Why Google and Social Analytics Helps You Improve Your Reach

Ahhh, Google and social analytics. Yes, we can party tonight! It’s analytics, baby! Analytics is where the rubber meets the road. The engines are cranking out business data. If only it were that exciting! Here’s WHAT IS exciting. Google and social analytics help you improve your reach. It’s like having an employee give you current […]

5 Ways to Convert and Increase Your Email List

5 Ways to Convert and Increase Your Email List

In the 80s I Never Considered an Email List I remember my first laptop back in the early eighties.  The Compaq Portable cost around $2,000 and weighed about 30 pounds, but it might as well been fifty–heavy.  The tiny screen cover by a keyboard lid brought PC innovation to the masses. It was a big […]