Bold Faith for the Adam or Eve in Your Life

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From the moment children come home from the hospital, until they leave home for college, parents offer love, instruction, and guidance to raise healthy individuals. In the end, you hope they will transfer their parental trust to a loving God that will direct them throughout their adult years. But when they don’t, fear not, God is still big enough to care for them.

Some people are reminiscent of the “back-in-the-day” family image. They compare today’s families to retro TV episodes of Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, or The Brady Bunch. But families were dysfunctional back then, too. A need for Divine intervention has transcended throughout generations.



When children become struggling adults, our parental role becomes more of a mentor. But sometimes, mentoring can end in a train wreck when fear gets in the way. Our intentions may be influenced by fear. That’s when it’s time to rely less on human intention and more on God intervention.

We can’t save people because we’re not the Holy Spirit. People make wrong choices, rebel, and make mistakes. When that happens, we can’t take it personally or become fearful.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit, God didn’t take it personally. He didn’t say, “If only I had explained myself better,” or “If only I had removed the tree from the garden. If only, is an exhausting thought. Let’s see how God handled it.

God looked beyond the situation and provided a plan—an action plan to save and regain possession of what was His. Jesus death would offer full payment for sin–debt-free with a scarlet payment. God’s plan still offers hope for the Adam or Eve in your family.

Ps 111:9 ESV—He sent redemption to his people; he has commanded his covenant forever. Holy and awesome is his name!



Sometimes, fear can cause us to focus on the negative and react from a place of frustration. We want loved ones to be emotionally and spiritually healthy, but when we focus on the negative, it can distort our spiritual focus.

When we interact with our loved ones, we need to come from a posture of faith. We need to overflow with the belief that comes from the quiet moments we’ve spent with God.  Here’s a simple exercise to help you “detox” from negative, limited thinking.

Take a minute and jot down all the negative one-word mental replays that cross your mind when you think of your struggling Adam or Eve. It may look something like this: rebellion, pride, faithlessness, bitterness, ungrateful, selfish, etc. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Now, think how many times you’ve had the same attitudes towards God. Did God stop working in your life? Nope. He continued to give you mercy and grace. Mercy protects us from receiving what we deserve, and grace gives us what we don’t deserve.



It’s time to tear up the list of negative one-word beliefs. Now, let your faith see your loved ones with refreshed spiritual eyes. Let faith proclaim redemption in Jesus Christ. Let’s change reactive words to responsive words.

First, recognize reactive words rooted in fear.

That’s not how I raised you.

What were you thinking?

I’m disappointed in you.

Get it together!

He/She is not right for you.

Then, ask the Holy Spirit to help you pause and become responsive to His leading with words of affirmation.

I believe in you.

I love you.

I respect your decision.

I’m proud of you.

I’m praying for you.



God’s supernatural transformation is possible in all areas of our lives. God can bring transformation in our relationships, our finances, our ministries, and more. Jesus is one-stop shopping!

Let’s reclaim all that God has entrusted to us, and wait with joyful anticipation.


Marisa Shadrick

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