Awaken My Dormant Heart

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Las Vegas heat triggered a dormant-like state for my Labrador Retriever, Charly. He shed fur all summer while his ninety-five-pound body lay across the best air-conditioned spot in the house. His daily routine became unhealthy inactivity. To keep him active, I had to get up before dawn and take him for a cooler desert walk, or he’d remain dormant.

In the same manner, we can become spiritually dormant. We resistant any leap of faith because of circumstances, hardships, or failures. Negative experiences can leave us dormant—season after season.


Dormancy for plants and animals is part of nature’s life cycle. God’s creation follows His well-designed blueprint for survival and rest, but only until it’s time to flourish. Like nature, we need to live a lifestyle that includes rest, sleep, and inactivity, but only until it’s time to flourish.


Have you pondered God’s blueprint for your life? How will you pursue His Kingdom purpose? Perhaps it’s still a thought, desire, or dream, but negative or limited beliefs keep you dormant. Don’t guilt over it. Many of us have done the same thing.

For many years, I was a dormant heart because of worldly resistance. I was miserable living an unfulfilled life, but God awakened my dormant spirit. God is helping me to flourish. I embraced childlike faith for God-size living. A seed of faith was enough to help me pursue a writing ministry, speaking ministry and online ministry. One seed of faith was enough to fling me out of my emotional chicken coop—Ba-Gawk!


A suspended life keeps believers from pursuing God’s Kingdom purpose. Frankly, it’s boring. God designed a unique blueprint for royal use—you. When we pray, read God’s Word, and walk in obedience, we manifest God’s blueprint. Your spiritual blueprint is your potential in Christ; it unlocks your Kingdom purpose. Throughout the process, we heal, grow and fulfill God’s plan. (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)

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God designed us for greatness in Him. After all, would a loving and merciful God create you for inactivity, failure, and defeat? On the contrary, God has entrusted you with a particular assignment, but you can’t flourish if you’re dormant.


Are you in a season of dormancy? Perhaps, God’s called you to rest. On the other hand, are you on a self-imposed unhealthy dormancy, it might be time to say, “I’m full of awesomeness because I serve an awesome God? God, awaken my dormant heart!” (Psalm 57:7-10)

God gave you a brave heart; don’t keep it dormant. Your blueprint includes potential and greatness. Take a step of obedience and manifest your blueprint. Awaken your dormant spirit and flourish.

At the end of a busy day, I hang out with Charly and share his dormant lifestyle. Although he will continue his summer dormancy, my dormancy is just a brief rest between flourishing moments in Christ.

Marisa Shadrick

© Lightstock


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