Relief for the Weary Soul

Have you ever wondered if you used time wisely? Time seems to slip away quickly. I start my week with a busy Monday and end on a busy Friday. Unfortunately, busyness has a close relative, weariness, but God can redeem our time and energy.   Meltdown Moments June was an emotional month. I had scattered my father’s ashes at Lake

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Beyond the Aftermath of Brokenness

Who are you? Have you ever had someone say, “Tell us about yourself!” Did you immediately respond with your profession, marital status, and the number of kids running around the house? That phrase used to make me uncomfortable. I didn’t want anyone to know anything about me. I feared rejection. I was still that shy girl who lived in the

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Integrity in Conduct and Speech

Did you ever participate in a debate when you were in High School? I hated them. I’d watch my classmates get red-faced with anger, or embarrassment, depending on their position. As kids, we hoped to be on the opposition side rather than the proposition side. Most knew how to argue, but many didn’t know how to advocate for a resolution.

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Should Christians be Ambitious?

When you live with unmet plans or goals, there’s a sense of restlessness or discontentment. But when you take a leap of faith and pursue outrageous goals, have you ever felt conflicted? The activity you’ve created begins to build momentum and work demands extreme focus. You may think, am I ambitious?   SHOULD CHRISTIANS BE AMBITIOUS? The world has given ambition

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Finish Strong

“How fast can we paddle back to the beach!” I asked. “No idea,” my husband answered. “Let see how fast this double canoe can go!” I knew I could provoke Vince’s competitive side. “Okay, let’s do it.”   The Race is On It was a scorching triple-digit summer morning, but a paddle race on Lake Las Vegas was a fabulous way

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Bring Down the Jericho Walls

This past week my women’s Bible study was a blast. Jesus girls know how to blend spiritual growth with food and fun. After enjoying a helping of homemade enchiladas, a slice of pizza, finger food, and dessert (Yes, we love to eat.) we talked about Joshua 6: 2-5.   The Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have given Jericho into

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