Life after Disappointments

Before you plan your next health goal, business goal or annual goal, consider closure. What do I mean? Let’s look at closure beyond its conventional

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15 Affordable Gift Ideas

Have you ever been afraid to regift? Are you worried about what others might think? Unfortunately, the word regifter has a negative connotation. You may

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Jesus is Our Solid Rock

When we were in school, we had frequent exams. In High School, we had to pass a driver’s test and prepare for the Scholastic Assessment

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What Has God Done for You?

Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition? Perhaps you decorate your Christmas tree, or plan a mini family reunion? Around my house, the week before Thanksgiving kicks off the

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Find Your Voice

Have you ever dreamed of sharing your life’s story, a transformational experience, or testimony? Your compassionate heart is exploding to uplift the brokenhearted with the

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