Time to Soul Search

Time to Soul Search   Last week, we started a three-part series called, “Understanding Our Three-Fold Framework.” We began with the visible gift known as our bodies and how our physical form can help us flourish. We discovered there’s an incredible synergy between body, soul, and spirit. This week, we’re going to look at the invisible you–your soul.   Damaged Soul  I

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Understanding Our Three-Fold Framework

Understanding Our 3-Fold Framework There’s nothing more frustrating than having an aspiration or goal that fades in the mire of busyness and circumstances. There’s no need to feel guilty. It happens to all of us, but understanding our three-fold framework can help us strategically tackle these hurdles.   Are You Ready to be Authentic? In this three-part series, we’ll look

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The God Who Sees

Winter days in Las Vegas are chilly. One morning, I could hear the wind blowing against the house. I layered my clothes, put on my down jacket, scarf, gloves, baseball hat and a beanie over the hat. You would have thought I lived in Alaska, but I’m a former California girl, and I’m used to warmer weather. Nevertheless, I was

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The Freedom We Neglect to Protect

A transparent attitude when you’re having a bad day isn’t pretty. My recent attitude adjustment was over my computer. My website was down, my computer was freezing up, and the Internet was slow. How ridiculous, right? As I stomped around the house, I let a machine ruin my day. Circumstances will rob our inner freedom unless we make moment-by-moment choices

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The Power of Asking

Have you noticed some people are uncomfortable asking for help? Is it because we don’t want to impose on others? Are we afraid we’ll appear weak? Or perhaps we feel vulnerable because the outcome is unsure? The practice of asking, however, can offer positive emotional and spiritual benefits.   “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will

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Life after Disappointments

Before you plan your next health goal, business goal or annual goal, consider closure. What do I mean? Let’s look at closure beyond its conventional definition that usually involves relationships. Although relationships are significant, unresolved circumstances or unmet expectations can affect our mindset and personal productivity. They need closure.   Reconcile Your Emotional Bank Unresolved circumstances and unmet expectations can

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