Abundant Oil

I trust you had a beautiful Thanksgiving Day full of gratitude, love and good food. I’m sure you have been busy with preparations or perhaps

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The Gift of Touch

Early one morning, I rolled out of bed and shambled into the kitchen for a cup of tea. While I waited by the stove, staring

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Hope Lights Dark Days

I took a brisk walk early one morning. Since autumn days are shorter, the sun had postponed its arrival, and it was a dark day.

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A Woman Fashioned by God

Proverbs 31:25 reads, “…She is clothed with strength and dignity.” This scripture poetically condenses the portrayal of a praiseworthy woman. The iconic passage found in

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The Sound of His Voice

The sound of ocean waves or the gentle whisper of windchimes can calm our spirit. Our culture loves fountains, music in elevators, and even relaxing

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Hey, there! I’m Marisa Shadrick, a faith-based published writer, blogger, award-winning speaker, and online business entrepreneur. If you need content strategy tips, productivity advice, and motivational insights, Welcome home! You are not alone. 

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