Reckless Abandon

The Itsy Bitsy Spider would never survive the wrath of a protective mother. My daughter doesn’t have Arachnophobia, but she would be a strong candidate;

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How Do We Live Well?

Wellness is not easy to achieve because it involves change. Our circumstances can make it difficult, even painful, to try. So how do we live

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Hey, there! I’m Marisa Shadrick, a faith-based published writer, blogger, award-winning speaker, and online business entrepreneur. If you need content strategy tips, productivity advice, and motivational insights, Welcome home! You are not alone. 

In addition to providing free content for resilient creators, I’m also a copywriter under the mentorship of Ray Edwards and his Copywriting Academy Coaching Program. Yep, that’s an affiliate link, but I’d love to chat with you,  share my experience, or answer any quesionts. Feel free to Contact Me