Angel on the Phone

I dread problem solving over the phone. Trying to speak with a representative of an insurance, utility, or government office is not my idea of fun. I know; you may say it’s an opportunity to share the love of Jesus to a faceless soul. You’d be right, but frankly, I just want to get my problem solved. (Shame on me.)

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7 Thoughts about Spiritual Fishing

Sharing our faith should be natural and not forced, but I was afraid my witnessing efforts had become nonexistent. I’d spent little time in conversation with people; it’s hard to build new relationships or even cultivate old ones as a full-time caregiver. Jesus, however, helped me rethink my circumstance. Here are 7 thoughts about spiritual fishing that stirred my heart

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Breaking a Self-proclaimed Sense of Failure

Have you ever felt unsuccessful? Your dream is unfulfilled, or your present struggle is causing your faith and confidence to wane. I recently discovered that successful women often bear a self-proclaimed sense of failure. Before I started a career in writing, I fell into this trap. When my first article submission was published by an international Christian magazine I cried.

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Winning the Battle Between Old and New

Technology has improved throughout the years, but devices can pick up a cyber enemy and begin to malfunction. Setting the device to its original default setting can often promise a quick fix. When my iPhone malfunctioned, customer support suggested I reformat the phone. All of its data was wiped clean, (a bit disconcerting) but the core issue wasn’t resolved. The phone continued

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The Director of Our Story

  Startled, Thea James sat upright. Her gaze darted about the bedroom. Light flickered and bounced off the walls, which seemed to shudder with the sound of sirens and gunfire. And screams. A Vase of Mistaken Identity by Cathy Elliott    Most of us enjoy a thrilling cozy mystery. Did you know that stories usually model a three-act play? The

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Reckless Abandon

The Itsy Bitsy Spider would never survive the wrath of a protective mother. My daughter doesn’t have Arachnophobia, but she would be a strong candidate; she hates spiders. The sight of a spider would trigger sheer panic. Her piercing scream would make anyone’s hair stand on end, and her arms would wave in the air as she’d run in circles.

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