God Shares His Hallmark Moments

As a new grandmother, I want to share Hallmark moments with friends and family. I have pictures on my iphone, Facebook, and of course, old-school print. Can you blame me? Beautiful moments should be shared, and God shares His Hallmark moments, too. I think God enjoys painting the sky every morning. If God numbered the stars and called each one

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Intentional Love

I love the Bible parable, The Prodigal Son. Nothing touches my heart more than to know our Heavenly Father eagerly waits to receive and forgive those who have drifted away. God’s intentional love breaks all reason. If you read the story, you’ll notice that no one convinced the son to return home. He suddenly “came to his senses” and everything became

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Spiritual Break

Reading this on the fly? Hit the pause button for a second. Take a deep breath from the diaphragm, and exhale as you drop and relax your shoulders. So, how are you? Are you stressed, overwhelmed, heartsick, or depressed? If I had a spiritual thermometer, would your temperature read hot, cold, or just right? The thermometer in your medicine cabinet

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God is Amazing

The Sermon on the Mount ends with a comment from the author. Matthew, the converted tax collector, concluded his chapter narration by saying: When Jesus had finished these words, the crowds were amazed at His teaching; for He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as their scribes, (Matthew 7:28-29 New American Standard Bible). First, the crowd listened,

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Saran Wrap Faith

When I think of the word cleave in Joshua 23:8, I’m sorry to say I think of Saran Wrap. After all, what clings better than plastic wrap? Even the off brands do well preserving freshness. My brand adds an extra promise, “Clings tight without a fight.” Wow, I don’t think the manufacturer’s marketing team realized what a powerful spiritual tagline

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Uphold Your True Image

Do you love taking pictures? I love capturing memorable moments. I remember my first 1-megapixel digital camera. It provided more pictures than my old film camera without the photo development cost. I was an amateur photographer on steroids. My children, however, developed camera phobia. I wanted to celebrate every moment, but I’m sure years of chasing them with a camera

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