Crowned with Faithful Love

How do you anchor a tiara on a baby’s head with limited hair? Slip, flop and drop became the predictable pattern when my granddaughter celebrated her first birthday as a Disney princess. As she became aware of her little crown, she kept it in place, but as birthday distractions increased, her crown spent more time on the ground than on

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Faith Defeats Fear

Insomnia, incontinence, aggressive behavior and unpredictable moments became a normal way of life for my ninety-two-year-old father. Brain failure, commonly known as Dementia, was debilitating him. Although he was unaware of his down-sloping transition, I agonized knowing I had to move him from our home into a long-term care facility. I didn’t want to step out of the boat during

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Mend a Broken Relationship This Christmas

Our families aren’t perfect, but we can embrace the spirit of Christmas and extend grace. Mend a broken relationship this Christmas.  Watch this inspirational video, created by “The Skit Guys,” and launch the Christmas season with intentional love.       December is a month for sharing and remembering the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ. (Click to Tweet)   

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Fully Satisfied

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Even though all my kids couldn’t make it, I was thankful to have my daughter and my nine-month-old granddaughter with us. This was Audrey’s first Thanksgiving, and we couldn’t wait to let her try some turkey. She smiled and kicked her legs in delight knowing it was time to eat—anything. As a

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The Christmas Candle: A Christian Review

  On the eve of Thanksgiving, I know you’re amid special preparations for family and friends. Let me be brief and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and recommend a newly-released heartwarming movie, Max Lucado’s The Christmas Candle, directed by John Stephenson.     The Christmas Candle: A Christian Review Rated: PG Cast: Hans Matheson, Samantha Barks, and introducing Susan Boyle  

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Traditional Family Night

Dad pops the popcorn; mom gets the drinks. Kids grab their pillows, and the dog paces back and forth confused by the family buzz. Some things aren’t old-school, at least not in my house. The family night tradition we started decades ago with my kids will begin again with my grandkids. Well, maybe my nine-month-old granddaughter is too young, but

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