Mom’s Eyes

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a few minutes to watch this funny, yet heartwarming, video. The Skit Guys have done it again. They made me laugh, and they made me shed a tear. Enjoy!     Celebrate the memories, and celebrate the special women in your life this Mother’s Day. Days are rich with blessings when we see

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How to Survive Overwhelm

I sank into my couch, and like a lazy sloth, I moved only when necessary while I thought about my work for the day. Perhaps, if I ignore my “to do” list on my desk, and the colorful sticky notes that frame my computer screen, I’ll have a better day. But, right now, I need a cup of tea with

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Turn Off My Self-powered Ways

I begrudgingly drove to the gym before sunup and made my way to the treadmill. I was up early to tackle a busy day, so gym equipment was safer than an outdoor walk in the dark. The entire front window of the gym was glass, and the treadmill faced the glass. Normally, I welcome a window view, but this was

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Our View of God

Sometimes, it’s hard to see God when we’re busy or preoccupied, but He’s more visible than we think. I could have stayed home because I had work to do, but my husband asked me to join him on a business trip. I seldom go on business trips, but I considered the ten-hour drive to San Diego. I didn’t hear an

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Quiet Our Souls

We’re ready for the day, but suddenly, we’re slammed with problems, mistakes, needs, demands and more. We know God’s Word, but somehow we gravitate toward worldly solutions rather than God’s power. If you’re like me, the shift is subtle. It’s usually when I’m caught off guard, short on time, or multitasking. In my “inner man,” I know I’m striving. I’m

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Son of God, Inspiring Film

Son of God, Inspiring Film Movie Review:  Film Producers, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, knew they had something special when the miniseries, The Bible, became a success in 2013. I wholeheartedly agree, and I applauded their efforts to bring a Jesus film to Hollywood. According to Deadline/Hollywood, the newly-released film, Son of God, debuted with $1.2 million last Thursday night. An

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