Improve Your In-Between Moments with Positive Action

When In-Between Moments Become a Long Transition, We Can Still Choose Positive Action! Many in-between moments brighten our days. A flower is most fragrant between its full bloom and falling petals. Movies are exciting between the plot and the final scene.  Skies burst with brushstrokes of color between dawn and sunrise.  But let’s face it, not all in-between moments feel

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Marisa Shadrick

Water What Needs to Grow in Your Life

My days are busy with either a group or one-on-one meeting every day of the week. In one group meeting, my friend Alicia ended the call by saying, “Marisa, water your plant.” A week later, “Marisa, water your plant.” The video showed all. My plant suffered abuse under my care. I stopped watering it. In my defense, it’s a high-maintenance,

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Redefine Success in Your Life and Business!

Are you successful? What comes to mind when you think of success? As I read my Bible this week, I pondered a few thoughts about success in an unexpected passage—Christ’s death. Christ’s arrest, his brutal beating, and His horrific crucifixion are grievous. But His death was a success. No one took Christ’s life; he gave it up for us. Yes,

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Daily Resilience and How it’s Part of Your Story

A Clear Identity Leads to Resilience Two fundamental questions will shape your life and lead to resilience. First, who do I say God is? Secondly, who do I say I am? The first question may generate a theological answer—an explanation from the study of God. But a better response is found within our hearts. This requires reflection and draws from

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Why You Need Solitude

Our Hearts Ache for Solitude For me, scheduling a spiritual retreat is not an occasional indulgence; it’s a quarterly necessity. When I don’t get enough sleep, my immune system breaks down and bam, I’m sick. If I don’t snack every three hours, I get tired. If I don’t walk with God every day at dawn, I get crabby. The older

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Silence the Distractions

Charly, my Labrador retriever, has an incredible memory. Well, it’s selective memory but amazing nonetheless. In spite of his doggie demands to guard and bark when he hears a sound or retrieve a stuffed duck when it’s tossed, he manages to know when it’s five o’clock. He stands with his slightly raised floppy ears, and he’ll fix his eyes on

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