Our 7 Marriage Secrets

“I don’t want to date you–I want to marry you,” affirmed Vince. When Vince proposed, we knew each other for three weeks, but it was

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A Childlike View of Fathers

As Father’s Day approaches, I’m reminded of my heavenly Father’s love. I thought I would write a simple, childlike prayer, below.   “Our prayers may

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Power in the Pause

Silence has become a welcome friend that calms my spirit. A quiet walk soon reveals the unnoticeable sounds of a warm breeze, leaves fluttering across

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Hey, there! I’m Marisa Shadrick, a faith-based published writer, blogger, award-winning speaker, and online business entrepreneur. If you need content strategy tips, productivity advice, and motivational insights, Welcome home! You are not alone. 

In addition to providing free content for resilient creators, I’m also a copywriter under the mentorship of Ray Edwards and his Copywriting Academy Coaching Program. Yep, that’s an affiliate link, but I’d love to chat with you,  share my experience, or answer any quesionts. Feel free to Contact Me